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Post  Cullen/Hale on Sun Aug 28, 2011 9:32 am

Emmett Cullen EmmettCullen

Name: Emmett Cullen
Face Used: Kellan Lutz
Age: 96 (Born in 1915), Physically 20
Occupation: None
Species: Vampire


Height: 6'5
Build: Very burly and muscular
Style: Casual
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Golden
Identifying Features(Tattoos,scar....): Just general vampire features and his large size


Unique Skills:


Sire: Carlisle Cullen
Age at Turning: 20
Actual Age: 96
Control: Very good, most of the time
Method of Nourishment (Vein/Bottle): Animal blood
Children: None
Weaknesses: Being ripped apart and fire
Strengths: Normal vampire abilities
Vampire Abilities: Normal vampire abilities, along with being unusually strong, even for a vampire

Anything else you would like to include:
Emmett Cullen, born Emmett Dale McCarty in 1915, is a vampire and member of the Olympic Coven. He is the adoptive son of Carlisle and Esme Cullen. Emmett is the adoptive brother of Alice and Edward Cullen, as well as the adoptive brother of Rosalie and Jasper Hale.

After being mauled by a bear in 1935, Emmett was rescued by Rosalie Hale, and given a second chance at life after being transformed into a vampire by Carlisle Cullen at her request. Rosalie and Emmett were rarely parted after this, being that they were true soul mates. The pair were integral members of the Cullen family and participated eagerly in removing the numerous impediments it faced. Emmett also changes his eye colour like most vampires. Having enhanced physical vampiric strength, Emmett is the strongest in the Olympic Coven. Emmett has massive muscles which cannot grow since he is a vampire.

Early Life
Emmet's early life before he became a vampire is never fully explained. Emmett McCarty was changed into a vampire by Dr. Carlisle Cullen in 1935, two years after Rosalie Hale had been changed. When Rosalie came across him, Emmett was being mauled by a bear in the mountains of Tennessee. He had nearly died from the attack, but Rosalie saved him and carried him over a hundred miles back to Carlisle. Rosalie was noted as saying that it took nearly all her strength not to kill him. She also said that she brought him to Carlisle so that he, with his stronger endurance of human blood, could save Emmett. She also said that the reason behind having Carlisle save Emmett and not herself was because she was afraid that if she did it she would end up killing him. Emmett describes this experience as "being saved by an angel who brought him to God". Once Rosalie returned to Carlisle with Emmett, he was changed into a vampire. Many years later, Rosalie confessed that she saved Emmett from sure death because his innocence, dimples, and curly hair reminded her of her best friend Vera's child, Henry, and that ever since the day she saw Henry she always wanted a baby just like him.

After his painful transformation, Rosalie and Carlisle explained to Emmett that he was a vampire. This did not upset him, however, like Rosalie and Carlisle had thought it would. He put in his own words, "Hell's not so bad if you get to keep an angel with you." He did, however, initially have trouble adjusting to the Cullens' rule of only feeding on animals, and has tasted human blood on several occasions.

Personality and traits

Emmett is described as being very tall, very burly, and to the students at Forks High School, very intimidating. Most refer to him as, "The big dark-haired guy." Standing at 6'5", he is the tallest of the Cullens, towering over Alice by a few feet. His strength gives him a rather filled out form, but he is not regarded as being overweight, just muscular. His height helps spread out his weight. He has a round face with dimples and slightly curly, dark brown hair, giving him a childish look. He is the strongest of the Cullens. Like the rest of his family, he has pale skin and golden eyes that darken to black as he becomes thirsty.

He is one of the youngest vampires in the Cullen family, which is why the scent of human blood is sometimes harder for him to resist. He does very well when things get out of hand however. Emmett is very loving and caring to his family.

Emmett loves to laugh and make jokes, and tries to lighten up tense situations with his sense of humor. He appears to be thoughtless and makes rash decisions. He is also brave, enjoys fighting, and is very competitive.

Powers and abilities
As a vampire, Emmett has many enhanced properties such as superhuman speed and incredible strength. Like other members of the Cullen family, he does have a special ability, his being enhanced physical strength. He uses his "super strength" as his special ability, but has no mental powers.

Present Day
Emmett lives in a large estate on the outskirts of Los Angeles along with his two brothers, Jasper and Edward. His companion Morawena visits often as she lives in a cottage on the Estate grounds. Marina, Edward's companion, lives in the estate with the brothers also.

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