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Post  Anthony on Thu Jul 01, 2010 10:32 am

Anthony August Jared_Leto_216288m1
Name: Anthony August
Face Used: Jared Leto
Age: 41
Occupation: Bouncer, Bartender, Missionary
Species: Vampire


Height: 5’ 10”
Weight: 135 lbs
Build: slim
Style: punk/retro
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Identifying Features(Tattoos,scar....): Scars on his back from when he was human
Anything Else:


Likes: Being a Vampire
Dislikes: People who think Vampires are sub-species
Hobbies: Martial Arts,
Unique Skills: Trained to use and wield a meteor hammer
Talents: Does smartass count?
Anything else you would like to include:

Anthony was the shy goofy boy that no one talked to. When he hit middle school, his attitude turned darker. Staying to himself, he entered high school where he met Morawena. They weren't friends at first, but became very close after she helped take care of him.

One night he was at a party and a fight erupted between a man and his girlfriend, Anthony stepped in trying to break it up, only to be beaten almost to death. After several months of recovery, Morawena had insisted that he take up some form of self defense to protect himself and to help control whatever residual effect the beating had on him. He started Tae Kwon Do and made it to a red belt before he decided to move away from it for whatever reason. From his point of recovery, he always tried to watch out for Morawena, whether she knew it or not.

After graduation, he got a job at a local nightclub, where he became a bouncer. After working there a few months, he met the owner and moved up to become her personal bodyguard. He quickly found out that she was a vampire, and tried to figure out why she needed a bodyguard, but it didn't matter to him. After guarding her for a few years, she turned him, leaving him to fend for himself. He was able to handle the transition rather well since he had seen it done before.

Anthony had seen M at his “funeral”, and that had bothered him all these years. He thought it was time to tell her that he was still here, and that she has never been far from his thoughts. He hoped that she'd understand why it took him so long to see her again. He went vegetarian for Morawena, and thanks her to this day for that.

Anthony doesn't have a whole lot of friends, but the ones he has he is very protective of and will go the distance for them if needed. He is tall, has brown/black hair and has faint scars on his shoulders, back and sides from his human days. He was misunderstood as a human, and is still is as a vamp. He is very artistic both at drawing and playing instruments, and plays the guitar rather well.


Sire: Oriana
Age at Turning: 20
Physical Age: 41
Method of Nourishment (Vein/Bottle): Vegetarian most days – bottle the rest of the time
Children: none
Vampire Abilities: Speed, agility, can be out in the sun.


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