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Post  Rachel on Sun Jul 17, 2011 2:12 am

Callen Stone Chris_Evans

Name: Callen Stone
Face Used: Chris Evans
Age: Appears 28
Occupation: Currently not employed in the human work force.
Species: 'Other'


Height: 6 feet 8 inches
Weight: approx. 155 pounds.
Build: Very built from years of hard labor.
Style: Anything which allows free movement and can easily conceal weapons of various sizes and capabilities.
Hair: About mid-length, dirty brown.
Eyes: Blue.
Identifying Features(Tattoos,scar....): A scar that runs through his upper lip on the right side.
Anything Else: Not at the moment.


Likes: People watching, night time, Women.
Dislikes: Magic and 'freaks'
Hobbies: Shooting, local bars, driving, sleeping with various women.
Unique Skills: Senses when someone lies.
Talents: Able to shift into the shadows.
Anything else you would like to include: Pretty much a womanizer.


Who/What: Once a mortal man who was cursed by a betrayed witch.
Weaknesses: Due to his hatred for himself, his control is weak and his powers are over displayed in bursts.
Strengths: His becomes like a berserk-er with brute strength unmatched by any kind.
Limits: He must feed off the energy of another through physical contact.
i.e having Sex or draining with a kiss etc....
Birthplace: New England, 1606
Made/Born: Made.


Callen was the typical male of his time, unattached and happy that way. Always taking advantage of his status as the brute hunter and 'hero' of hie village Callen often took a different woman to bed each night.
On the eve of a full moon, Callen who after spending his night at the local bar was quite drunk. He began to walk the trails of the woods surrounding the village. Callen so used to being the fearless warrior walked with way too much pride and not enough awareness. He strode through not noticing the wolf which stalked him like dinner. When the attack occurred it was swift leaving Callen mortally wounded and likely to die before the sun rose. His angered cried spread through the dangerous woods catching the attention of the terrorized witch.
She fled at once to the wounded Callen and decided to spare him on one condition. He take her hand in marriage.
Callen, the prideful warrior with too much pride and lust to remain with one woman and even to die in such a manner thought long and hard over her offer. His decision sounded genius to a drunken dying man, simple really, when the witch revived Callen he would than kill her thus ending his oath if he were to make it. As his pain receded and a frightening numbness fell over him, Callen made the deal.
If Callen thought himself smarter he was dead wrong. The witch knew of Callen you would have to be deaf not to, she's heard the tales of the hearts he's broken and the woman he's ruined. Even those precious girls of her clan. Her bile rose even with the thought of his hands on her. Hoping he would be much to vain to accept her offer and she would than get to relish the view of his death the witch never thought he would accept it.
However the clever witch knew the mighty Callen had something up his sleeves. Focusing the most powerful blood magic, the witch brewed within a spell so binding death could not escape it.

The witch bound her bloodline to the mortal, cursing him with life so long as her blood walked on Earth. To ensure his eternal longevity, the merging of a spirit and his was necessary.

It was that night that Callen died, and returned with two souls. A sinister hungry spirit, and a lost broken mortal.

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