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Post  Damon on Mon May 23, 2011 10:34 pm

Damon Dalziel Photoshoot-2003-johnny-depp-5792700

Name: Damon Dalziel
Dalziel is pronounced dee-el
Face Used: Johnny Depp
Age: Roughly 200
Occupation: Art Dealer
Species: Vampire


Height: A little under six feet
Weight: 170
Build: Average
Style: Casual
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Identifying Features(Tattoos,scar....):


Likes: Music, art
Hobbies: Playing his guitar
Unique Skills:


Age at Turning: 30s
Actual Age: Roughly 200
Control: He has not lost control in well over a century
Method of Nourishment (Vein/Bottle): Both, mainly vein
Children: None while human; mum on whether he sired any vampires
Weaknesses: Fire and decapitation
Strengths: Normal vampire abilities
Vampire Abilities: All five senses are heightened, can sense emotions, supernatural speed and strength
Vampire Characteristics: His skin is cold to the touch, while his eyes turn ghostly white when the vampire surfaces. The Sun and silver are non issues. Fire and decapitation are fatal.

Anything else you would like to include:
Born in the first few decades of the 1800s, making him roughly 200 years old. He was turned in his 30s. Getting him to talk about those details is harder than trying to thread a brick through a needle. (Sounds about right. When the muse finally divulges, I'll post it here.)

He's had quite a few jobs, all very artistic. Spent time selling and playing several musical instruments. Though he's most fond of his guitar. He also painted and sold art. Photography as well. Though that was long before digital. Along with a few other professions.

He was born in the South, though he won't say exactly where. He spent the majority of his two centuries in New Orleans, along with a few other places in Louisiana. His voice is an odd mixture of a southern drawl and a Cajun accent, both peeking out at different times, or seamlessly blending together.

Presently, he resides in Los Angeles. He followed his career there. It was time to leave the South for a long enough time that he was forgotten. Damon currently works as an art dealer. He finances and locates new talent, along with the selling and buying of art. He recently opened a new restaurant. Lumière Noire. Its more of a side hobby, rather than a career.

He does keep and feed from freshies. He has a handful of his own (though not exactly exclusive) along with occasionally sending an order out to a freshie agency. He does not view his ladies as food. More as friends willing to share their blood with him.

Throughout his life, Damon has stumbled across humans that either remind him of his family, or that he cares for to the point that they're like his child. The only human currently alive that he feels this way towards is Marina Belle. She reminds him (in both appearance and personality) of his sister.

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