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Post  Amaia on Sat Mar 26, 2011 11:02 pm

Name: Amaia
Face Used: Kiera Knightley
Age: No one really knows
Species: Other


Height: 5’ 7”
Weight: 100 lbs.
Build: Slim
Style: Her Own
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Identifying Features(Tattoos,scar....):
Anything Else:


Unique Skills:
Anything else you would like to include:

History: ( a paragraph+ describing your character's past etc....)


Who/What: Other
Limits: None really
Birthplace: Someplace between Mt. Olympus and Hades
Made/Born: Born

One of the many love/hate children of Pluto and Proserpine, Amaia spent her childhood playing with the souls that were banished to the Underworld. And of course her pets were the Hellhounds.

Her mother never let her out of her sight until Amaia overtook Charon the Ferryman to Hades. The river Styx was easy to maneuver it was the only portal to the human world. One day that world would be her playground.

But for now, Amaia toyed with the species that lived on the top side - creating havoc wherever she could. This of course pissed off the Ancients, but she knew all she had to do was go back to mother and all would be right with the Ancients - the Gods and Goddesses that refereed the World.

Her legacy has many names; Eris, Chaos, Kali, Shekhmet, Pariya... The list had become infinite in the modern day. Every known religion had a version of her - or maybe it was one of her sisters...

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