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Post  Rachel on Wed Jun 30, 2010 11:27 am

Kale Novak Alexis11

Name: Kale Novak
Face Used: Alexis Denisof
Age: appears to be 33 years old.
Occupation: Unemployed.
Species: Vampire.


Height: 6.3
Weight: about 170 lbs.
Build: tall, strong looking.
Style: loves black,black and more black.
Hair: short and shaggy brown.
Eyes: blue.
Identifying Features(Tattoos,scar....): broken heart =[
Anything Else:


Likes: playing the dark knight
Dislikes: abusers, killers, criminals, etc.... bad people
Hobbies: drinking, riding his bike and cars, helping people, hanging out at the bar.
Unique Skills:
Anything else you would like to include: Kale is lonely and broken hearted


Sire: a soldier in the Normandy Invasion.
Age at Turning: 33
Physical Age: 592
Control: very in control.
Method of Nourishment (Vein/Bottle): bottle.
Children: a daughter Bella
Weaknesses: Children and women in distress.
Strengths: will power.
Vampire Abilities: can withstand sunlight, had super strength and sight. Super sniffer. slightly psychic.
Kale and his family a wife Laura and ten year old daughter Bella. When King Henry V invaded Normandy, soldiers took over Kale's farm. In an attempt to protect their daughter, Laura pulled a gun. The results ended in her slaughtering. When Kale awoke, he found her lifeless body and his daughter at the mercy of the enemy. Kale was held down caught off guard than forced to watch in daughter under torturous actions. Kale swore he would get his revenge.

Little to his knowledge one of the soldiers was a creature of the night. For perks he drained Kale of his life's nectar and replaced it with sufficient amounts of his own blood.

When Kale woke, his felt oddly refreshed. That was until as he buried his loved ones, his flesh burned with the morning sun, until he began to crave the blood of his lost family. Kale fought the temptation until his hunger grew too strong. He went out hunting when cattle came across. The urge was just too much and Kale gave in.

That's how Kale survived for hundreds of years. At least until the invention of blood banks.

One eve twenty some years ago, Kale ran into a lost little girl at a park also a known hunting area for rogue vampires. Her resemblance to his lost angel was too much for Kale to bare as he caved in and assisted the girl. The smell of fresh blood tickled his nose, and Kale discovered what appeared to be her mother. The suppressed feelings Kale hid surfaced. Memories of his family haunted him, and Kale had to save this girl. Kale took the woman to a local police station where she was safe for now.
So reasons beyond Kale's understanding, he found himself continuously checking upon the child as she grew up. When she was a young adult, Rose he learned was her name, was walking home from her university when she was attacked. Kale found her in the arms of a group of rogues drinking from her as if she was an open bar. Kale felt all the emotions when he watched his daughter die rise and explode inside him. He fought those vamps with everything he had inside him, as if he were fighting those who attacked his family. Rose had passed out the trauma hitting her hard. Kale carried her to the nearest hospital, after clouded her memories of this horrific night and even installing those of himself as her brother. So he could forever watch over her.

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